The main objective of Prometeus is to provide a framework for personalized brain-oriented nutrition for preterm babies (“feed” the brain, based on real-time monitoring of cerebral blood flow, oxygenation and brain metabolic supplies). With Prometeus, we will reduce the number of former preterm children needing some sort of school support from ~125,000 to ~25,000 per year, thus reducing of a similar proportion prematurity related costs over a 5-year period, from 25,000,000€ per year in Europe to 5,000,000€.

To achieve this final aim, Prometeus will first reach different objectives:

  • To develop a new non-invasive brain-imaging technology (neo-opticap) that will provide markers of the neurophysiological impact of metabolic state from multiple brain location, measuring cerebral lood flow, oxygenation and metabolism
  • To develop a miniaturized on-body patch sensor for the minimally invasive continuous monitoring of the three key brain metabolites
  • To define a metabolic model of the effect of nutrition on cerebral blood flow, oxygenation and metabolism
  • To develop a Nutritional Clinical Advisor (NCA), that will guide parenteral (intravenous) nutritional intakes of preterm neonates to achieve optimal brain oxygenation
  • To design a cloud-based app for healthcare personnel and families that incorporates the digital twin neonate
  • To test the efficacy of Prometeus at improving cerebral blood flow, oxygenation and metabolism of preterm neonates admitted to NICU
  • To create the first Visual and Oral Archive of Prematurity to inform developers of medical devices but also to support families and healthcare personnel experiencing premature birth