Preterm Brain-Oxygenation and
Metabolic Eu-Sensing: Feed the brain


Preterm Brain-Oxygenation and Metabolic Eu-Sensing: Feed the brain

It will change the paradigm of preterm neonatal care and nutrition, through a Nutritional Clinical Advisor, who will guide the parenteral (intravenous) nutritional intake of preterm infants to meet the needs necessary to guarantee optimal levels of cerebral oxygenation.


Newborn’s digital twin

PROMETEUS also consists of a digital device with a double user interface: one for healthcare personnel and the other for parents.

This device, which represents to all intents and purposes the digital twin of the preterm infant, is a unique tool that will accompany parents during the hospitalization of their babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, reducing the “distance” that typically characterizes hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit between families (at home) and their children.

“The Prometeus project will lead to a significant reduction in the number of premature babies developing cognitive, motor, or sensory deficits over the years. The Prometeus project will open the door to a new digital era of neonatal intensive care management.”

S. BRIGADOI, 4 Million Euros Awarded to the International UniPDProject for Premature Babies,
Università di Padova, 2022


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